Sunday, 14 June 2015

CompTIA Launches New Australia, NZ Channel Community

The combination of CompTIA IT industry launched a new group dedicated to technology vendors, solution providers, distributors, suppliers and channel partners based in Australia and New Zealand.

CompTIA vice president, member communities, CompTIA Jim Hamilton, said the new group will meet for its first official meeting face-to-face community in Sydney on August 18, with the veteran of the IT industry in Australia Moheb Moses appointed as Director Community channel while ANZ continues its role Dynamics Channel, channel sales consulting firm shop was co-founder.

Hamilton cites a report of the Commission on Trade in Australia shows that about 90 business owners and executives of the companies involved in the delivery of information and communication technology products, services and solutions - an industry of nearly $ 100 billion, ANZ joined CompTIA Community Channel.

"These early users benefit from having a forum dedicated to ANZ-specific on issues and opportunities affecting business discussions channel in the region. They are also offering a great handling and feedback about the CompTIA ANZ can better serve the channel and of its members." 

According Moheb Moses, the creation of the Community of CompTIA Canal ANZ comes at an opportune time.

"It is expected that Australian companies to increase their IT spending by 4.3 percent on average in 2015, according to the adoption of international technology and the study of trends in labor CompTIA. Many of technological solutions of companies plan to invest in - IT security, storage and analysis of data, mobility and cloud computing - are areas where companies ANZ channel excel, "Moses said.

Moses said: The initial objective of the community will help solution providers transition their emerging ANZ alternating current businesses, such as new models of service delivery, new business models and new models economic distribution routes. "This will be done through the creation of new educational resources, comparative financial evaluation and powers of organization."

Friday, 10 April 2015

SY0-301 Sample Question


A customer has provided an email address and password to a website as part of the login
process. Which of the following BEST describes the email address?

A. Identification
B. Authorization
C. Access control
D. Authentication

Answer: A

Thursday, 2 April 2015

IT Channel Firms See Growth Opportunities In Security Services, New CompTIA Research Reveals

Information technology (IT) channel companies see opportunities for growth in business with customers who are more aware and concerned about their safety arrangement, according to a new study released today by CompTIA, the association of the IT industry.But trends in the study of information security also suggests that companies will have to channel their games to keep pace with a security landscape that is rapidly changing and increasingly complex.

Some companies will have to change the structure of channel sales, staff re-train or lead to new hires, said Seth Robinson, senior director of technology analysis, CompTIA. Others will have to educate yourself on how all the pieces of a comprehensive security solution together to provide customers the best services.

The CompTIA survey of almost 300 IT companies based in the US notes that nearly two thirds (63 percent) expect their income security services to grow over the next 12 months. One in five company anticipates significant growth.Nearly three out of four companies say they now have the security services as part of the portfolio, with most companies that offer security as part of other solutions, rather than as a separate product or service.

The products and services offered by the companies of the canal are very much in line with the way that customers have come to safety. Network security, business continuity and email security are all parts of the base of security offerings companies canal.Data protection is also widely available, but there are many flavors of protection and services currently offered may not be as complete as possible of data, Robinson said. He added that there is a strong possibility that channeled companies expand into other areas as well.

The safety compliance management, management risk management, cloud security, identity and access, mobile security and information and event management could easily become members of a new baseline of security, he told.Become a managed service provider or security expert security is not necessarily the end game for each channel business. Some may choose to limit its security services. Others may seek security specialists as partners.

Companies and much less of the channel must have a strong deep knowledge of security landscape in order to understand how their security features fit into the puzzle of greater security, Robinson said. There are ample opportunities to take a proactive approach to safety discussions with customers and highlight areas where they may be exposed to clients.

Friday, 6 February 2015

SY0-301 Sample Question


A customer has provided an email address and password to a website as part of the login process. Which of the following BEST describes the email address?

A. Identification
B. Authorization
C. Access control
D. Authentication

Answer: A

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

CompTIA Survey: Finding Qualified Workers Tougher

There has never been a better time to go back to school for a computer or math degree, according to a new study by CompTIA. Latest study of the company that you believe technical positions are in high demand in the United States due to lack of qualified candidates.

About 68 percent of the 650 executives surveyed in the recent report by CompTIA IT Outlook 2015, said they expect to face a course difficult or very difficult environment this year, as they struggle to recruit qualified technical staff members. The lack of qualified candidates is thought to be the result of unemployment rates below the national average of computing and technical mathematics, ie the IT industry currently has a small pool to cover these positions.

Companies throughout our industry are providing technological profitable, creative solutions for businesses and consumers, but the persistent shortage of educated workers trained and certified in the latest technologies threaten to paralyze the pace of innovation, said Todd Thibodeaux, president and CEO CompTIA, in a statement.

Technical and IT support services and staff top the list of most positions this year in demand, according to CompTIA. Companies are also looking for employees with experience in application development, cloud and security responsibilities and network engineering and data analysis skills.

Currently, 43 percent of US IT companies say they have jobs, while another 36 percent said they would like to add new employees to its workforce to support growth of the company. Among those seeking new or additional assumptions, one in five companies had to postpone or cancel projects due to lack of manpower, according to CompTIA.

Companies can be expanded or moved to new areas and the need to hire more workers, Thibodeaux said. Moreover, a large number of baby boomers about to retire, is more important than ever to think about the next generation of technology worker.CompTIA cited a report from burning glass Industrial Technologies Insights, who said the US companies have recorded communications core work almost 600,000 IT positions in the fourth quarter of last year. 116 000 new jobs for the workforce of the United States in 2014 are added.

Of course, CompTIA offers several programs to encourage the growth of the IT workforce, including CompTIA CertMaster company and its initiatives to promote the millennial generation, women and veterans to enter the CT ratio field.The iT industry Outlook 2015 also revealed that 2015 will be an important year in terms of overall sales growth in the IT industry due to growing confidence in the global economy. CompTIA estimates a growth rate of 5 percent for the global industry this year, with a similar amount planned for the US market.

Monday, 2 February 2015

SY0-301 Sample Question


Which of the following allows lower level domains to access resources in a separate Public Key Infrastructure?

A. Trust Model
B. Recovery Agent
C. Public Key
D. Private Key

Answer: A

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

CompTIA Staff and Members Named to MSPmentor 250 List

CompTIA, the Association of IT industry, today announced that three employees and executives of 63 associated companies were named MSPmentor 250 list and Technology Group Penton in the seventh year MSPmentor. The list identifies the leading provider of managed services and influential world (MSP) executives, entrepreneurs, experts, coaches and community leaders. It is based on the annual survey of global MSPmentor readers and daily coverage of the managed services market.

CompTIA employee recognition are MSPmentor 250 Carolyn April senior director of industry research; Nancy Hammervik, senior vice president of industry relations; and Lisa, Ladder, member communities.

Managed Services is an integral part of the company for a significant share of IT companies,said Todd Thibodeaux, president and CEO of CompTIA." Our commitment to managed IT services industry is strong and growing, by promoting best practices and education and to help the development of tools and templates to MSP thrive.CompTIA commitment to the market for Managed Services Managed Services CompTIA Community Managed Services trusted brand, and market research, and education and training.

April MSPmentor praised for having finger on the pulse of the IT services industry, following the trends and forces that affect value added resellers and markets managed service providers.

Hammervik aid programs and resources element in shape for the IT channel and is made on behalf of the industry. MSPmentor found 2014 helped to raise the profile of women in the IT channel with the launch of Dream program within CompTIA IT advancement of women in the IT community.

MSPmentor person appointed for their efforts to deploy training for MSPs, so they are improving their businesses.The MSPmentor 250 list and 82 executives and industry leaders from 63 member companies and partners CompTIA.